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AccuWeather SkyGuard® Tropical Weather

The XtremeGIS Apps provide an integrated data feed service that comprises the SkyGuard Tropical Impact Forecast from AccuWeather and the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for systems in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific. The feed provides the data elements listed below.

  • AccuWeather EyePath™
    • Forecast Points
    • Forecast Track
    • Window of Movement
    • Radius of Tropical Storm Force Winds
    • Radius of Hurricane Force Winds

  • NHC Forecast Track
    • Forecast Points
    • Current Position
  • AccuWeather Tropical Polygons
    • Watches & Warnings
    • Rainfall Forecast
    • Storm Surge
    • Maximum Sustained Winds
    • Maximum Wind Gusts
    • Probability of Hurricane Force Winds
    • Risk of Life and Property

  • NHC Best Track
    • Historical Position Summary
    • Accumulative Wind Swath

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