Sandy in my Shoes

This clip illustrates the reality of why we need improvement in the area of risk management, especially in public safety. We hope we can raise awareness of the all too often long recovery period for those affected by disaster.

"This past fall, the northeastern United States along with the Caribbean and the Mid-Atlantic were hit by the largest Atlantic Hurricane on record: a 1,100 mile wide cyclone, a Halloween storm that developed from a Tropical Wave 18 miles south of Kingston, Jamaica into a Hurricane that devastated many areas." from Brandon Knopp

In the aftermath of a disaster, many people are often left with NO TV, NO ELECTRICITY, NO SHELTER from the elements, and NO HELP from their government. Mobile devices and social media are often the only lifeline available to victims of disaster. XtremeGIS Risk Management Apps mine Geosocial data to aid in the support of those in need. The information gathered from social networks can be used by emergency management, insurance companies, and emergency workers to improve the process of providing aid to victims of disaster. Please join us in this conversation to share and express your views and ideas.

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