How can I use my location data with Xtreme TC/HEP?

Xtreme TC can perform analysis on your location asset data using a Web Feature Service (WFS). This allows you to control the security and integrity of your data from your data center. Server software like Esri ArcGIS for Server can integrate with your on-premise (ECM, ERP, etc.) databases to provide the WFS for Xtreme TC. This approach can provide users with access to current data which can improve the accuracy of location analytics results and reduce the workload on IT Pros. To learn more about using a WFS with XtremeGIS Apps, contact us about our professional services or your favorite Esri partner.

You can also import your location based data directly into the Xtreme TC App from a CSV formatted data file. In this case, a copy of your data is stored in the Xtreme TC Cloud storage database.

Which Browsers are supported by XtremeGIS Apps?

XtremeGIS Apps are supported on the following Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

How can I integrate my application or content with XtremeGIS?

The XtremeGIS Cloud Application Platfom is built on Esri ArcGIS Online and Microsoft Windows Azure and provides a Web Services API for application and content integration. Partners and organizations that want to integrate data or appplication with the XtremeGIS platform may contact us for more informaiton about our developer APIs.

What is the mimimum term for a subscription?

The minimum term for an XtremeGIS App subscription is one year.

What is an Asset Location?

An Asset Location refers to a fixed asset such as a building, home object (like a vending machine). When these assets contain spatial attributes such as a lattitude and longitude coordinate pair, they can be used to locate the asset on a map.