XtremeGIS/ Imagery at your fingertips from i-cubed

XtremeGIS Apps integrate seamlessly with i-cubed DataDoors to provide decision makers and analysts (not necessarily geospatial experts) with the geographic data and derivative information they require to accomplish their missions. It typically takes less than two minutes for a user to discover and initiate acquisition of the data they need.
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  • Access Content from Multiple Imagery Vendors
  • OGC-compliant WMS Data Streams
  • Geographically Search Vendor Inventory
  • Integrated Tasking with Astrium’s Pléiades Constellation
  • Store and Annotate Imagery
  • Export Imagery to ArcGIS Online
  • Search by Gazetteer, Points, Scene IDs & Map Extent
  • Manage Base-Map Layers, Transparency and Layer Ordering

XtremeGIS Webinar
January 29, 2015

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