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Xtreme Verify and Geocode Services

The XtremeGIS risk management platform powers its data quality and geocoding services through the Loqate cloud. The integration offers several user friendly options for organizational users to submit their unverified global address location data. The submission options includes a drag and drop interface, load from a Dropbox account, a web service API and upload via an HTML5 web browser to the service. The application provides a detailed Data Quality Report (DQR) and Esri ArcGIS compatible GIS thematic maps. The many thematic visualizations of the data provide another dimension to easily identify sources and the location of poor data quality. This service is idea for any organization that wants to improve data quality and geocoding for all types of risk management scenarios.

  • for the Business Professional
    • Enables organizations to focus on business instead of data maintenance
    • Enables you to better allocate your intellectual resources
    • Enables your globalization efforts by Geocoding in over 240 countries
    • Continually improves the quality of reference data from everywhere in the world
    • Creates opportunities for new type of applications
  • for the IT Pro
    • Frees IT resources to work on business applications, not database maintenance
    • Enables IT to bring applications online sooner using reusable objects and other building blocks
    • Integrates easily with custom applications or commercial enterprise and Internet applications
    • Provides the flexibility of online processing with high speed batch throughput to location-enable a variety of applications

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Recorded March 26, 2014

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