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Xtreme Tropical Cyclone (TC) App

Simulate deterministic tropical cyclone events using real-time, historic data and user created scenarios. The simulations generate deterministic wind fields, storm surge, flooding, power outage, and debris hazards to analyze the underlying risks to your Property Assets. Forecast future TC events or model historical or probabilistic TC events.
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  • Model Tropical Cyclone Hazards
  • Perform Risk Analysis of Physical Assets
  • Use Live Tropical Cyclone Feeds
  • Use Historical Tropical Cyclone Data
  • Create Storm Surge Visualizations
  • Create Windfield Visualizations
  • Create Rainfall Visualizations
  • Export and Analyze with Excel
  • Create Wind Return Period Visualizations
  • Create Tropical Cyclone Events
  • Create WebMaps for ArcGIS Online
  • Use Before & After Satellite Imagery
  • Use Your Data from On-Premise Sources
  • Forecast Tropical Cyclones

Xtreme Hazard Event Provider (HEP) App

Automated tracking of natural hazards and risk analysis of your Physical Assets.
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  • Generate Hazard Event Footprints
  • Perform Risk Analysis of Physical Assets
  • Perform Historic Event Analysis
  • Receive Real-time Notifications of Physical Assets Affected by Event
  • Select from Various Notification Methods (SMS, Email, RSS, Social Media)
  • Generate Financial Loss Estimation
  • Configurable Financial Loss Estimation Engine
  • Export and Analyze with Excel
  • Customize Type of Hazard to Track
  • Customize Hazard Tracking by Region
  • Create WebMaps for ArcGIS Online
  • Hazard Reporting from Various Sources
  • Use Physical Asset Data from On-Premise Sources
  • Generate Interactive Maps for Mobile Devices

XtremeGIS Professional Services

Our business consultants, strategists, developers and quality control engineers have extensive domain knowledge in many public and private sector industries. Benefit from our past innovation in projects for transportation, insurance, re-insurance, engineering, retail and telecommunications which have shaped our skills and knowledge. These experiences combined with our strong technical skills have led us to invent new applications for GIS solutions. Learn more...

ArcGIS Online Integration

Create interactive maps and apps and share them with the rest of your organization. Realize new opportunities and gain insight into your data. Do this quickly and easily with nothing to install or setup.
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  • OOTB Integration with XtremeGIS Apps
  • Bi-directional Compatibility with XtremeGIS
  • Ready to Use Content
  • Collaboration Made Easy
  • Go Mobile
  • Easily Add Data
  • Make Maps Directly in Excel
  • Security and Data Ownership

AccuWeather SkyGuard® Tropical Weather

The XtremeGIS Apps provide an integrated data feed service that comprises the SkyGuard Tropical Impact Forecast from AccuWeather and the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for systems in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific. The feed provides the data elements listed below.
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  • AccuWeather EyePath™
    • Forecast Points
    • Forecast Track
    • Window of Movement
    • Radius of Tropical Storm Force Winds
    • Radius of Hurricane Force Winds
  • NHC Forecast Track
    • Forecast Points
    • Current Position
  • AccuWeather Tropical Polygons
    • Watches & Warnings
    • Rainfall Forecast
    • Storm Surge
    • Maximum Sustained Winds
    • Maximum Wind Gusts
    • Probability of Hurricane Force Winds
    • Risk of Life and Property
  • NHC Best Track
    • Historical Position Summary
    • Accumulative Wind Swath

i-cubed Datadoors Imagery Feeds and Storage

XtremeGIS Apps integrate seamlessly with i-cubed DataDoors to provide decision makers and analysts (not necessarily geospatial experts) with the geographic data and derivative information they require to accomplish their missions. It typically takes less than two minutes for a user to discover and initiate acquisition of the data they need.
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  • Access Content from Multiple Imagery Vendors
  • OGC-compliant WMS Data Streams
  • Geographically Search Vendor Inventory
  • Integrated Tasking with Astrium’s Pléiades Constellation
  • Store and Annotate Imagery
  • Export Imagery to ArcGIS Online
  • Search by Gazetteer, Points, Scene IDs & Map Extent
  • Manage Base-Map Layers, Transparency and Layer Ordering

Geo-Social Feeds

Law enforcement, emergency services, and disaster management professionals are able to access real-time, critical and time-sensitive intelligence by leveraging an integrated location-based social media monitoring. Today, many victims of disaster rely on social media for information and assistance because their mobile device is the only connection to needed resources! Xtreme Verify has pioneered social media search by location. XtremeGIS Apps integrate seamlessly with social media feeds from Geofeedia. This capability provides monitoring, filtering, and analysis of social data before, during and after a hazard event.
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  • Seamlessly Integrated with XtremeGIS Apps for
    • Location Monitoring
    • Location Based Searching
    • Location Based Analysis
    • Export to ArcGIS Online
  • Geo-Social Data Feeds
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Flickr
    • Picasa
    • YouTube

Xtreme Tropical Cyclone (TC) Forecasts

The Xtreme TC Forecast App is the only solution that utilizes the various factors that contribute to TC cycles. These cycles can be used to forecast the Hurricane season up to four years in advance for a region with high accuracy. These predictions can help you to better prepare for a major event years in advance.
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  • TC Cycle Prediction Model
  • Landfall Predictions Four Years in Advance
  • Risk Predictions Four Years in Advance
  • Regional Prediction Zones
  • Prediction of Annual TC Risk Frequency
  • Historic TC Cycle Analysis
  • Predict TC "Hot Zones" with High Accuracy
  • Export to ArcGIS Online
User Friendly Solutions

User Friendly Solutions

XtremeGIS Apps are extremely easy to use. All of the data and functionality you need to perform powerful risk analysis scenarios and natural hazard simulations can be performed with a few simple mouse clicks.

Cloud Risk Management

Delivered in the Cloud

Take advantage of the biggest game-changing force in business since the creation of the Internet. XtremeGIS Cloud computing solutions simplifies and lowers the cost of operations while providing flexibility and power.

Built for Community

XtremeGIS solutions are built using Web Standards. These standards provide the foundation for the seamless integration with our data and technology Partners as well as client side data provisioning.

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