Xtreme HEP App/ Hazard Event Provider in the Cloud

Automated tracking of natural hazards and risk analysis of your Physical Assets.

  • Generate Hazard Event Footprints
  • Perform Risk Analysis of Physical Assets
  • Perform Historic Event Analysis
  • Receive Real-time Notifications of Physical Assets Affected by Event
  • Select from Various Notification Methods (SMS, Email, RSS, Social Media)
  • Generate Financial Loss Estimation
  • Configurable Financial Loss Estimation Engine
  • Export and Analyze with Excel
  • Customize Type of Hazard to Track
  • Customize Hazard Tracking by Region
  • Create WebMaps for ArcGIS Online
  • Hazard Reporting from Various Sources
  • Use Physical Asset Data from On-Premise Sources
  • Generate Interactive Maps for Mobile Devices

XtremeGIS Webinar
January 29, 2015

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