Xtreme TC App/ Tropical Cyclone Risk Management in the Cloud

Simulate deterministic tropical cyclone events using real-time, historic data and user created scenarios. The simulations generate deterministic wind fields, storm surge, flooding, power outage, and debris hazards to analyze the underlying risks to your Property Assets. Forecast future TC events or model historical or probabilistic tropical cyclone events.

  • Model Tropical Cyclone Hazards
  • Perform Risk Analysis of Physical Assets
  • Use Live Tropical Cyclone Feeds
  • Use Historical Tropical Cyclone Data
  • Create Storm Surge Visualizations
  • Create Windfield Visualizations
  • Create Rainfall Visualizations
  • Export and Analyze with Excel
  • Create Wind Return Period Visualizations
  • Create Tropical Cyclone Events
  • Create WebMaps for ArcGIS Online
  • Use Before & After Satellite Imagery
  • Use Your Data from On-Premise Sources
  • Forecast Tropical Cyclones

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January 29, 2015

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